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Bringing Big Apple & Motor City Flavor

In our recent branding endeavor, we had the pleasure of partnering with Charlie's Pizza – a destination where the spirit of Detroit converges with a touch of the 50s and 60s. Our design studio took on the task of crafting a brand that seamlessly intertwines tradition with contemporary taste.

Charlie's Pizza isn't just about slices; it's an immersive encounter. Our creative process was centered on melding classic flavors with a modern backdrop. 

-Logo design
-Packaging design
-Print Collaterals




Brand Tone & Visual Language 

Our visual identity was born from a desire to capture the lively essence of vintage Detroit – a city renowned for its cars. Charlie's Pizza proudly stands as the only spot in town serving genuine Detroit-style pizzas, and our design aimed to pay tribute to this history.

Think back to 1950s Detroit: a city buzzing with automobiles and factories. This influence marked its presence on how buildings looked, the love for cars, new neighborhoods, buying things, and the creative world. The mix of industry, new ideas, and how people lived gave Detroit its special look during that time.

When we shaped the brand's feel, we aimed for a strong and confident style – just like the city itself. The logo is the core of this, showing boldness and strength. To balance it out, we added a bit of fun with a handwritten font. This gives a personal touch that matches what Charlie's Pizza is all about.


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